Why 1518?


Why is the number 1518 in the name of our domain name and logo?

1518 was the year that Martin Luther presented his disputation at Heidelberg for the Augustinian Order.  This disputation, known as The Heidelberg Disputation, answered the questions of "how we come to know God" and "God's purposes towards humanity."  The Disputation also fleshes out the differences between man-centered theology versus a theology flowing out of and into the cross of Christ. 

The disputation is, in many ways, more significant than Martin Luther's 95 theses, for it advanced Luther's growing realization that the theology of his time was fundamentally and essentially at odds with Biblical theology.  At Heidelberg Luther publicly broke from the man-centered theology of the age, where people were frantically attempting to climb into God's favor through personal pious strivings--to a Gospel-centered theology of the cross.

Today, the Great Exchange embraces the Heidelberg Disputation of 1518.  This rich cross-centered focus constantly reminds us that we don't ascend to God, but rather God has descended to us; that it isn't about our good works but Christ's righteousness credited to us. 

In the spirit of 1518 we hope that our self-constructed ladders of ascending self-improvement would be cut down and that the rubble might be cast aside so that we might be found resting upon God's grace alone, through the descending Christ alone, by faith alone.

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